Suzanne Becque lives, works, and paints in Downeast, Maine. Surrounded by nature, trees, the ocean and magical views of the islands, she takes her inspiration from what is around her. Her prints are created on a Canon Pixma printer with archival ink. She uses acid free, high quality archival art papers, so these prints should last a long long time without fading or yellowing.

Buy prints when you visit the area without having to pay postage and handling. Prints can be mailed as well.  

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Cottage Road

This is my road, Cottage Road, and how it looks on a sunny fall day.

Available as a 5 x 7 print

Blueberry Field with Crows

I used many watercolor layers to get the incredible reds of a blueberry field in the fall.  I’ve included rocks, which add lovely contrast and composition, but they are increasingly dissapearing with the use of large machinery in the fields. So this is a wild blueberry field. The crows are coming in to see if they can find a few last dried up berries. 

Available as a 6 x 8 print

Green Lake Sunset

This is the view in winter from Cattail Cottage on Green Lake

Available as a 6 x 8 print

Island Trees

Another morning scene. The water is still calm enough to reflect the trees on this small uninhabited island.

Available as a 6 x 8 print


The spruces, firs and pines, typical of many Maine islands, reflected in calm early morning waters.

Available as a 6 x 8 print

Fox in Snow

In this wintery scene, the snow on the ground was left mostly as white paper, as is traditional with watercolor painting, but the snowflakes were done in gouache.

Available as a 5 x 7 print

Moonrise over Long Cove

This scene was inspired by one of the many Long Coves in Maine. 

Available as a 5 x 7 print

Mount Desert Island from Sullivan

This is the view from my friends Bonnie and Hugo’s place in Sullivan. You can see Mount Desert Island across the bay.

Available as a 6.5 x 9 print

Crabtree Neck Woods Trail

This was painted from a photo I took while out walking on the Crabtree Neck Land Trust trail behind the cottages

Available as a 5 x 7 print

Sullivan Harbor and MDI

This is another view of Sullivan Harbor looking toward Mount Desert Island.

Available as a 6 x 8 print

Summer Reflections

A somewhat dreamy landscape in a more illustrative style, I don’t know where this is, but I’ve been there a million times.

Available as a 6.5 x 9 print


Dramatic Silhouettes of spruce trees against the evening sky just after sunset.

Available as a 6.5 x 9 print

Moonrise on Somewhere River

This painting was done in a somewhat more whimsical style, which is where I have the most fun.

Available as a 6 x 8 print

Winter Trees, Green Lake

Late winter on Green Lake. The snow is starting to melt. The soft evening sunlight lasts a little longer, and Spring is around the corner.

Available as a 6 x 8 print

Somewhere Pond

Another whimsical little illustration of a lake scene from my imaginagion. The sun is about to rise and birdsong can be heard coming across the water from the island. 

Available as a 5 x 7 print

Sunset Island

I like the soft reflective light on the water at sunset when the breeze calms. I guess that’s why I keep painting it.

Available as a 5 x 7 print

Little Island 

This little island is locally known as “Little Island,” though it is not named on maps. You can see it in East Sullivan where US Rte. 1 comes right up to the edge of the bay and crosses Mill Brook. It’s a popular subject for local artists and I’ve painted it several times. If you’d like to see other versions, let me know. 

Available as a 6 x 8 print

First Snow on the Point

In this painting, the mountains in the background are inspired by one of my favorite places on Earth. The islands are like many Maine Islands and of course there are “Points” all over the place here. So this is an imaginary place on an imaginary evening, inspired by real places and real events, in Downeast Maine.

Available as a 5 x 7 print

Jellison Cove

This is one of my favorite places to walk to from my house. I’ve painted it a couple times. In this painting, you can see Sullivan Harbor across the water. 

Available as a 6 x 8 print

A view of Sullivan Harbor when the lupines are in bloom.

Jellison Cove at Low Tide

Another view of Jellison Cove in Hancock, looking over toward the Porcupine Islands, off Bar Harbor. This is mostly watercolor, with a little gouache for the pebbly rocks. 

Available as a 5 x 7 print

Golden Forest, 

No specific place, but reminiscent of those idyllic days in the fall when the decidous trees are turning but the air is still warm and the afternoon, heartbreakingly beautiful. 


Lilacs, one of my very earliest tiny acrylics. The original is 2.5 x 3, but it looks great a little bigger in a mat whose outside dimensions are 5 x 7.

Available as 3.5. 5 print

These are Cosmos, Daisies and Black Eyed Susans, all of which can be found in late summer in Maine. It’s a tiny painting done in acrylics.

Available as a 3.5 x 5 inch print

AKA “Flower Color Mash-up”  was created while testing paint colors, it just  happened! Acrylics.

Available as a 3.5 x 5 inch print

Another early one. I think these are Begonias, Watercolor

Available as 3.5 x 5 inch print.

Delphiniums, painted in the New York City Botanical Garden, watercolor

Available as a 3.5 x 5 inch print


This picture was done in art markers and was inspired by my cat Jack and a dear friend who plays the ukulele. After many years of not painting or drawing, I came back to art with art markers my kids bought me, and then segued to watercolors.

I go to Mexico a lot and I have Mexican friends here in Maine. One thing I love about the Virgin of Guadalupe is that she is co-opted by the people who love her and she comes in many iterations. I’ve seen her painted with corn and tomatoes, as a White European, as an African, often and often as an indigenous Mexican, with flowers, with animals, and sometimes in less flattering ways. But this iteration of La Virgencita, as she is affectionately called by her people, is for Mexicans and Central Americans in Maine and as such I’ve included a lot of images and details, along with some mythical symbolism that mix all these cultures.

Available as a 6 x 8 inch print

This painting was inspired by a solo road trip my daughter took across the country. I was so proud of her!  I followed her on my phone, we talked every day and she sent me many photos.

Available as a 5 x 7 print

I like drawing with pen. It’s permanent; you can’t erase and redo. The flaws and unevenness become part of the picture’s charm. I plan to do a series of all the cottages.

Available as a 5 x 7 print

I intended to paint this angel as a cheerful being but she insisted on solemnity.

Available as a 3.5 x 5 inch print

This was my 2019 Christmas Card

Available as a 3.5 x 5 inch print

Inspired by my daughter’s childhood friend and their adventures on the banks of the Taunton River.

Available as a 5 x 7 print

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